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What is Versa Health?

We are a simple-to-follow weight loss programme combining healthy habit change with low calorie meal replacements and dedicated nutritionist support.

habit change programme.

Change your mind-set and not just your weight. We help you create healthy habits focusing on your nutrition, movement, sleep, relaxation and changes to your environment so the healthy choice is the easy choice.

low calorie meal replacements.

Our delicious meal replacement soups and shakes can be used to replace any meal to help you lose weight. They are nutritionally complete to ensure you receive the nutrients you need. Science has shown a low calorie meal replacement programme to be a fast and safe way to lose weight.

121 registered nutritionist support.

Our plans include dedicated registered nutritionist support with advice bespoke to your needs to help you stay motivated and on track. You can call, video or message through our app. Contact us for a free information call with a nutritionist.

How it works.


Choose a plan that’s best for you.


Delicious Soups and Shakes delivered to your door.


1 to 1 dedicated support from your registered nutritionist.

Our plans.

Fast 4

  • £8.21 / day
  • 2-3kg weight loss per week*
  • 4 meal replacements a day
  • All meals replaced
  • No cooking required
  • Up to 8- 12 weeks recommended

Combi 3

  • £6.25/day
  • 1-2 kg weight loss per week*
  • Combination of meal replacements with healthy eating.
  • 3 Meal replacements a day
  • Prepare one healthy balanced meal of your choice
  • Up to 8-12 weeks recommended

Life 5

    • £1.18/day
    • 0.5-1kg weight loss per week*
    • Prepare three healthy balanced meals of your choice
    • No Meal replacements
    • Free portion controlled pots
    • 12 week healthy lifestyle plan

All plans include:

habit change programme


121 nutritionist support

Don’t just take our word for it.

Our members have lost an amazing:


and still counting!