We are not a faceless brand, we are doctors who think differently.

Our journey…

We are Drs. Farhan and Zarine, a husband and wife GP team dedicated to helping others improve their physical health, mental resilience and life fulfilment. We met many years ago at medical school in London and our life paths quickly became intertwined as we shared a love for helping others. Between us we have over 30 years experience as NHS doctors working all over the UK across different medical and surgical specialities. Ultimately we found our calling as GPs and together we run a small family NHS practice in London.

However over the years, we felt unfulfilled as doctors for 2 key reasons. Firstly, for every patient we diagnosed with high blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes, we were doing nothing to prevent the next diagnosis. And secondly, we saw that over years we ended up putting our patients on more and more medication and still their disease continued to get worse. Why? Because we were not dealing with the underlying cause of their diseases – our obesity causing western lifestyle (and learnt behaviours from childhood.) Over the years our patients continued to gain weight and we felt helpless and unable to support them.

There had to be a better way. So we did what all married couples do – we fought and argued on how to tackle this! And we spent hundreds of hours going through medical and psychology literature to learn what worked and why. We simplified all the evidence and channelled into a new way of delivering healthcare.

We call it…

We believed that by combining the latest clinical research with an experienced and passionate clinical team we would be able to create a new type of health care system which would support people to take control of their lives and their weight in a way that has never been done before.

Our research showed that using Meal Replacements was a powerful tool to lower people’s energy intake whilst ensuring they still ate all the nutrients and minerals required to stay healthy.

The meal replacement products we offer are unique as they are specially formulated to meet our requirements and therefore have:

No intense artificial sweeteners.

No palm oil.

Gluten free.

Our goal is to help you lose excess weight and build a life environment that enables you to maintain the weight loss long term with minimal effort. No more yo-yo diets.

We are dedicating the rest of our lives to this incredible journey and we invite you to join the Versa Family. Together we can improve not only our lives but also give back to our local communities and improve the lives of those around us. You’ll soon discover helping others is infectious!

Dr. Zarine Syed

MBBS MRCGP BSC (Hons) Dip Cert

Co-founder & Medical Director

Dr Zarine is our Medical Director and an NHS GP Partner in a GP Practice in London. She leads our internal training programme undertaken by all our clinicians to ensure our members receive the highest quality service. Dr Zarine supports our quality assurance framework by auditing our Registered Nutritionists and Dietitians. She has helped many of her patients and our members make lifestyle changes to improve their health, wellbeing and reverse their chronic disease. She is devoted to practicing Lifestyle Medicine principles as an evidence based way to help people lead happier healthier lives.

Dr. Farhan Rabbani

MBBS MRCGP BSC (Hons) Dip Cert

Co-founder & CEO

Dr. Farhan is our CEO and a GP Partner in an NHS London GP Practice. He also serves as Chair of the Board for an award-winning GP Federation in South West London and has extensive experience working in NHS clinical commissioning groups to improve the health of the local population. His vision in creating Versa was to combine latest scientific evidence with his experience of practicing Lifestyle Medicine to help members lose weight, feel better and improve or reverse their long-term health conditions. Dr Farhan believes that with the right support and guidance, anyone is capable of not only improving their own health and well-being, but also of those around them.

Marie Spreckley

MSc MBus ANutr BA

Director of Nutrition & Health

Marie is our Director of Nutrition and Health and manages our team of nutritionists and therapists. She ensures our members receive excellent support to help them achieve sustainable weight loss and improved overall health. She is passionate about helping our patients achieve long-term weight loss by helping them optimise their nutrition, physical activity levels, sleep, stress and environment. Marie has a Master of Science in Obesity and Weight Management, is an Association for Nutrition (AfN) registered nutritionist (ANutr), a European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) certified life coach, a certified personal trainer and is currently doing her PhD in Sustainable Weight Loss.

Nicola Clarke

BSc (Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics, 1st Class Behavioural Change Training Level 1 and 2 DAFNE and DESMOND certified educator

Lead Registered Dietitian

Nicola is our Lead Registered Dietitian and has wide ranging experience as a specialist diabetes dietitian working in the NHS. Her experience spans both hospital, community and primary care roles as well as the delivery of group diabetes education courses. Nicola has previously worked in primary care delivering specialist dietetic services across multiple GP practices in areas such as diabetes and weight management. Nicola has a keen interest in mental health and wellbeing and believes a programme must support individuals as a whole to achieve their own goals and better health.

Nova Eifert


Lead Therapist

Nova is our Lead Therapist and specialises in psychodynamic counselling and psychotherapy. She has years of experience both as a psychotherapist and registered nurse for the NHS and is passionate about helping our patients improve their heath and well-being from the inside out. She enjoys both practice and research and has also worked as a submissions editor for the Journal of Psychodynamic Practice. She has a Master of Science in Psychodynamic Counselling and Psychotherapy and believes in taking a holistic approach to improving our member’s well-being to achieve optimal long-term health.

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