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Home School like a Hero

Parents across the UK are stepping into another month of educating their children from home. It’s been a period of adjustment, juggling, and learning, not only for our children, but also for us as parents. Reflecting on the weeks gone past, we wanted to pull together some top tips that have helped us, and that may help you. We pulled on each of our five elements for inspiration – let us know if any work for you.


Organise your home so that it is easier to home-school like:

  • Place all school equipment (textbooks, stationary) in a separate tray/ box for each child
  • Each evening, take out your child’s clothes so they are ready for the next day


  • Create a meal planner for your child and yourself- ensure you have everything you need in your weekly shop so you are not stuck for meal ideas.
  • Create healthy snack packs for your children for the day (stops them asking for food in between meals!)
  • Ensure your child has a water bottle to hand to keep hydrated, (same for yourself)

It’s also important that you eat regularly. Use a Versa Health meal replacement to substitute a meal; they’re quick and easy


  • Sit together for 10 minutes after the home-school day – have a catch up just like you would do on a school run home.
  • Practice some mindfulness together (we will be sharing tips for this soon!)


  • Ensure your child sleeps as they would on a normal school day, they will be rested and you will have some evening time to yourself 
  • Ensure you also sleep early, so you are energised for the next day.


  • After each lesson ask your child to get up and walk around the house to get moving
  • Go out every day even for 5 minutes

Finally, we hope you’re not being too hard on yourself! If you miss a lesson it’s fine, it’s a balancing act we are all trying to master. If you need support then reach out to the parents in your child’s class, or your school directly – we are all in this together!  

By Dr Zarine

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